Why Buy A K-cup Machine

November 6, 2011

So it looks like you are doing your research on reasons why you should buy a  K-cup machine. For those of you that are still not clear what K-cups are, let’s take a quick look. The K-cups are small individual cups to be used exclusively in Keurig coffee makers. These are airtight, pre-packaged, and single servings for different types of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.They also contain a filter positioned within the cup. Each K-cup is placed within the machine and pressing a button. The precise water amount is drawn from the reservoir and the Keurig coffee maker brews a single hot cup of coffee.

So what are the benefits to buying a K-cup Machine?

1. No Mess! Coffee

Using K-cup machines means you do not have to deal with any mess, as there are no beans to be ground. There are no wet filters or grounds to be measured, and all you have to clean is the coffee mug. Once you brew your cup of coffee, you open the lid, and pull your used K-cup out of the machine and throw it away. It is literally that easy. No more coffee filters falling out of the garbage and making a mess all over the floor.

2. Enjoy Several Sizes.

You can enjoy several sizes of brew. If you want to enjoy a strong coffee, it is possible to select the smallest size coffee and if some of your guests want to taste smooth coffee, you can select the largest available size.

3. Consistent Taste.

When using a K-cup machine there is no chance that you make a bad-tasting coffee. The human error is taken out of the equation. You literally select your flavor of coffee, place it in the machine, and the machine gives you the same great consistent taste every time.

4. The Ability to Satisfy Everyone.

One of the main reasons you should have a K-cup machine is that it would give you the chance to offer the caffeine and flavor that your guest or family enjoy. When you use the 12-cup coffee maker, you are able to brew just a single choice at any given time. This means that everyone has to drink the same caffeine and flavor. However, with the K-cup machine you can brew a dozen different coffee cups, individually, in just a few minutes.

5. Variety.K-cups

Everyone enjoys different types of coffee. By having a K cup machine you have the ability to select from hundreds of different flavors of coffee, teas, and hot chocolate. Stores such as InstantAmbition.com allows you to select individual cups so you can taste test a 170  flavors, and find the one that you desire.

So what do all these reasons really say about why you should own a K-cup machine? Convenience! Convenience! Convenience! The convenience factor with a K-cup machine allows its users to simplify the daily task of drinking a cup of coffee. So when you’re tired in the morning and you’re looking for a source of instant ambition! Just remember that InstantAmbition.com is that source and we offer it in hundreds of different flavors!


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Congratulations to the Womble/Miller Family!

Nascar Ticket Winner

How quickly a month comes and goes! That is right Instant Ambition friends we have now been open for over a month. Since the day the doors have opened you the customers have been keeping us busy by coming in and enjoying the massive Kcup selection. So we decided that it was time to give something away.

The item was 2 free NASCAR tickets to the race that was held on Sunday , July 17th. Instant ambition would like to congratulate Dave Womble and Missey Miller for winning the 2 free Nascar tickets!  We hope that you enjoyed the race.

Now for our other customers do not worry as other giveaways could be right around the corner.



Instant Ambition Kcups in The Truck

Instant Ambition Rolling In Style

Let’s get one thing straight nothing is better than Fourth of July! Fireworks, BBQ, hanging out with friends and family, and do not forget Merrimack’s over the top Fourth of July parade.  This year was a first for Instant Ambition as we joined over 50 local businesses, organizations, and municipalities in the annual 4th of July parade.  What a response we enjoyed as we walked the streets of Merrimack, with everyone saying “look at those cool signs, they spin” or even better “that is the new place in the skyline Mall that sells Kcups!”

I would first like to thank you for coming out to show your support and making the 4th of July parade a huge success. We had a great response from the crowd and can’t wait to see everybody in the store so we can share our huge selection of Kcups with the Merrimack community.

Once again thanks for the great response we love the Merrimack community!



Opening day has finally came for Instant Ambition and with the grand opening right around the corner, a new chapter in running Instant Ambition has started. The chapter of start up paperwork and construction is in the rearview mirror (Not Really but here is to positive thinking!). The next chapter of selling coffee drinkers the best selection of K-cups in southern New Hampshire is upon us! As we turn the page to the next chapter we want to step back and remember all the fun of the first chapter of this adventure.

Instant Ambition Business Plan

Creation of the Instant Ambition's Business Plan

Amanda Scores Gold Online

Amanda Scores Gold Online

The New Home For Instant Ambition

The New Store Before Remodeling


Kids helping paint

The kids are excited to get Instant Ambition open as well!

Instant Ambition being created

Everything Coming Together

Instant Ambition almost ready

Almost Ready to Sell Coffee

Instant Ambition

This is How Instant Ambition Rolls.

Instant Ambition Sign

The Sign

Alright K-cups lovers the hard work is done and we can not wait to see you in the store! Starting Today June 1st!